About Us

Greenwich is the name of the community crossroads where our church was established over 200 years ago. Our rich history in this rural town is a testimony to God's goodness and faithfulness. In the last few decades, this local farming community has experienced tremendous population growth as the suburbs of metropolitan Washington, D.C. moved our way. The gracious, welcoming nature of the folks at Greenwich has attracted new members from all over the country and we have adapted our ministries to meet the needs of this growth.


Presbyterian means that leadership rests with our elders ("presbyters”) who are elected from the membership of the church. We are connected to other Presbyterian churches through a representative church government and we stand in the Reformed theological tradition, emphasizing the authority of Scripture, the sovereign grace of God, and the call to proclaim Jesus as Savior and Lord to the farthest corners of the world. We are also a covenanting church with The Fellowship of Presbyterians.


Church is a word that has become synonymous with buildings. And while we value our historic sanctuary and we are very excited about our new building, when we say church we mean people; the family of God who gather in the name of Jesus Christ. Greenwich Presbyterian Church values worship that is thoughtful and musically rich, personal growth through Bible study and prayer, a sense of the community as the family of God, and a vibrant mission ministry.